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THE IRON ONES movie by Director Alix Hunter to start production 24 May 2022


Los Angeles, CA Release: 20 May 2022

For Immediate Release


The Iron Ones movie by Director Alix Hunter, begins production 24 May 2022 in Port Townsend, Washington, which serves as the backdrop to the movie's fictional town of Port Garrison. Actress Cory Cleary and actor Lukas Charles Stafford have the leading roles in the movie. 


"The Iron Ones movie is a heart pounding, real time, Sci-Fi Horror," says Alix Hunter, "with a unique take on the classic creature feature survival story." Movie Director and author Alix Hunter, with numerous children's book credits under various pen names, wrote the story and says she got the idea for it while out on a boat (she's also a licensed USCG boat captain) and a humpback whale launched from the water beside the vessel. "In awe at its leviathan size and how it could break our boat like a toothpick, The Iron Ones story began to form in my head, with what could scare a whale to want to come out of the water beside us."


The movie also stars actors Bryley Michael Bell, Matthew Bentsen and Bryce Englund. For further information about the movie go on-line to theironones.com or alixhunterstudios.com.

Production is slated to end in July when it will go immediately into post-production and be ready for distribution in the fall.


Contact info:

Name: Alix Hunter Studios

Email: alix@alixhunterstudios.com







Director Alix Hunter
The Iron Ones movie